New Vision, Deep Experience

An exploration and stakeholder-focused junior mining company

O2 Gold is focused entirely on the exploration of the Otú Fault project, with senior management based in nearby Medellín. The team’s deep roots and experience in Latin America—in both capital markets and mining—gives it the regional knowledge and operational expertise to create a world-class project

Jaime Lalinde



Jaime Lalinde lives in Medellín, Colombia, where he directly oversees the project and all related operations. He has more than 40 years of experience in private banking, serving wealthy clients in Latin America. He served as C.E.O. of Fura Gems, a publicly traded emerald company. As country manager, he has been active in the incubation, financing, and execution of Forbes & Manhattan portfolio companies in Colombia.

Robert W. Allen


Robert Allen is the founder and Chairman of the Bullet Group, a mineral exploration company active in Colombia since 1984. Allen built and operated Continental Gold, which sold for C$1.4B in 2020. Bullet has discovered or contributed to the discovery of nearly every major Colombian deposit of the last two decades, including 26M oz AuEq at La Colosa, 6M oz AuEq at Gramalote, and 9M ounces AuEq at Buriticá. Bullet is the largest individual shareholder of O2Gold Inc.

Marcelo Albuquerque

Head of Exploration

Marcelo Albuquerque has spent more than 25 years exploring mineral resources across Latin America. He has worked with a broad range of minerals, gems, and natural resources: manganese, iron ore, and gold, in Brazil; nickel, in Guatemala; copper-gold, in Nicaragua; and emeralds, in Colombia. As country manager for Vale in Colombia, he has led exploration programs and the evaluation of resources and reserves. He holds a degree in geology and MBAs in Business and Project Management.

Fayyaz Alimohamed


Fayyaz Alimohamed is the Managing Partner of Zabina Capital, which invests in start-up and scale-up companies. Formerly the Director of Investments for a large investment group based in Dubai and the CEO of Altair Resources Inc, which defined a 1.9-million-ounce gold deposit in British Columbia, he is a Chartered Professional Accountant and holds a B.Sc. degree in Economics from the London School of Economics.

Algimantas Didziulis


Algimantas Didziulis is an entrepreneur, investor, business advisor, and member of various boards of directors. He has served as president, CEO, general manager, and country manager for several companies, including Enbridge, Citcol, Ocensa, TransCanada, Iamgold, Petroforte Oil and Gas, Fenix Oil and Gas, and Correval Oil and Gas Investment Fund.

Raziel Zisman


Raziel Zisman is a partner at Whittle Consulting and leader of its Sustainable Governance Initiative. He is executive chairman of Alicanto Mining Corp., a project incubator with offices in Canada and Colombia. As a practicing attorney, Zisman specialized in corporate finance in the mining sector, acting as counsel in transactions totaling more than US$2 billion.